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  3. The MBT-70 was also able to fire the XM410E1 smoke round. The MBT-70 was equipped with a laser rangefinder and an auto-loader, located in the turret rear, two ' cutting edge ' devices for this time. The auto-loader was capable of loading both missiles and normal tank rounds
  4. Der Kampfpanzer 70 (KPz 70; englisch Main Battle Tank 70, MBT-70) war Mitte der 1960er-Jahre ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt zwischen den USA und Deutschland. Die Entwicklung endete 1971 mit der Einstellung des Vorhabens. Auf den Ergebnissen der Entwicklungsarbeit bauen die Kampfpanzer Leopard 2 und M1 Abrams auf
  5. The 152-mm Gun-Launcher Main Battle Tank 70 (shortened as MBT-70) is a rank VI American medium tank with a battle rating of 9.3 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.71 New E.R.A.

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Download this stock image: MBT-70 autoloader - HEN5HE from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors The MBT-70 is a tier 6 Premium Main Battle Tank originating from the United States. It can be purchased from Sophie Wölfli for 3,250 Gold

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  1. Der MBT-70 war der erste Kampfpanzer mit einer vollständigen elektronischen Feuerleitanlage. Der ballistische Rechner der Firma DELCO errechnete alle zum Schießen notwendigen Werte und steuerte auch die Auslenkung der Hauptwaffe und des Turms in Bezug zur Visierlinie des Hauptzielfernrohres entsprechend der errechneten Vorhalte und des Erhöhungswinkels. Sensoren ermittelten alle zum.
  2. The program was to be called the Main Battle Tank 70 or MBT-70. Today, many weapon systems are developed as part of a cooperative effort by two or more allied countries. But for some reason, nobody ever tries to jointly develop tanks. Nobody really knows why, although the MBT-70 experience might provide a clue
  3. History. Autoloaders were developed at the beginning of World War II.Their first combat use was in tank-buster aircraft such as the 75 mm caliber Bordkanone BK 7,5 cannon-equipped Henschel Hs 129 B-3. Every Soviet- and Russian-derived tank since the T-64 main battle tank has used an autoloader. Their use has been mostly shunned by American and British tanks, despite the American T22E1 medium.
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  5. Differences between the MBT-70 and KPz-70 are mostly manufacturers, with the KPz-70 using German parts while the MBT-70 uses American parts. What is most notable is the difference in autoloaders, for the General Motors autoloader could house ATGMs while the Rheinmetall autoloader could not, but the latter loaded shells faster
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r/Warthunder: This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows KPz-70 is one of the few medium tanks (aside from French and MBT-70) to carry 20 mm coaxial autocannon.This weapon should not be treated lightly or dismissed as just an anti-aircraft gun, as it has 57 mm penetration at flat angle, and it will shred anything from light tanks and SPAA, to lightly armoured medium tanks' sides and SPG, if they are not angled I see a lot of answers about how a human loader can swap rounds and an automatic unit can't, or that the human loader is faster. There's even a few statements that it has to do with munition handling safety, though they also cite the Challenger 2.

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  1. MBT-70. KPz-70. RakJPz 2 (HOT) VT1-2. T-72A. T-72B. T-72B (1989) T-64A (1971) T-64B. T-80B. Object 906. BMP-3. Object 685. IT-1. Shturm-S. ZTZ96 . ZTZ96A. OTOMATIC. AMX-13 (HOT) Strf 9040C. Strv 103С. Lvkv 9040C. Strf 9056. VII Rank. HSTV-L. FlaRakPz 1. T-72B3. T-80U. Khrizantema-S. Type 90. Type 90 (B) Leclerc. Roland 1. CV 90120. Pages in category Ground vehicles with autoloader The.
  2. MBT-70 Mild steel prototype of MBT-70 on display at the Military Museum of the Southern New England in Danbury, CT.. Newly designed MBT-70 (Kpz.70) rendered w/appropriate details Driver's rotating cupola includes transparent parts Smoke grenade launchers w/well-defined detail Missile transmitter cover can be assembled open/closed Commander's night sight and panoramic sight and panoramic sight.
  3. Der MBT-70 war ein revolutionäres Design, aber nach großen Kostenüberschreitungen und technologischen Problemen zog sich Deutschland 1969 aus dem Projekt zurück. Nach erfolglosen Versuchen, den MBT-70 durch konzeptionelle Änderungen zu retten, um das größte Problem zu beseitigen - den sitzenden Fahrer im Turm - Ende 1969 wurde klar, dass Deutschland die binationale Entwicklung stoppen.

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  1. ate the biggest issue—the driver being seated in the turret—it became clear in late 1969 that Germany would stop the bi-national development..
  2. Download Image Picture detail for : Title: Mbt 70 Date: July 09, 2017 Size: 96kB Resolution: 736px x 880px More Galleries of 3D Model - Mecha. 3D Model - Mecha Finescale Modeler Magazine Spot The Difference (MBT/KPZ 70) : Warthunder MBT/KPZ70 Suspension Is Wrong : Warthunder MBT-70 / Kpz.70 1 A5 1/35 Metal Tracks ATL-173 Secret Projects Forum Model Of MBT-70 Final Design.-20 Inch By 30 Inch.
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  4. In 1960s, the MBT-70 main battle tank developed by the United States and West Germany was designed to feature an autoloader, and the first prototypes were produced accordingly. However, despite the promises it seemed to hold and having been designed as a tank far ahead of its times, serial production for the MBT-70 was never initiated. The main reason for this was the failure to solve the.
  5. the MBT-70 main battle tank developed by the Unit-ed States and West Germa-ny was designed to feature an autoloader, and the first prototypes were produced accordingly. However, de-spite the promises it seemed to hold and having been de-signed as a tank far ahead of its times, serial production for the MBT-70 was never initiated. The main.
  6. MBT-70 autoloader.jpg 800 × 597;93キロバイト MBT-70 commander controls.JPG 592 × 472;34キロバイト MBT-70 Danbury, CT.jpg 3,264 × 1,836;2.73メガバイ
  7. MBT-70 / XM803. During the 1960s the US Army continued to improve the M60 tank. However, unless a new tank was fielded there would be a large gap between US and Soviet tanks when the Soviets.

Autoloader wurden zu Beginn des entwickelten Zweiten Weltkrieges. Ihr erster Kampfeinsatz war in Tank-buster Flugzeugen wie das 75 mm Die US - 3 / 70 Mark 37 tatsächlich mehr Zeit in Design (13 Jahre) ausgegeben , als in Service (12 Jahre) wegen schwerer Unzuverlässigkeit. Diese Probleme sind weitgehend der Vergangenheit an und das Feld hat sehr viel fortgeschritten. Bodenfahrzeuge. What i saw: fully fitted MBT-70 (autoloader, freja, sleeve and gyro mk1) got 0.3s increase in reload time. Damnit, autoloader tanks don't need a reload nerf. Especially the MBT-70 -- that thing has a slow enough reload as it is. [edit] After reading Salaris' reply, I think I understand this change. Will have to wait and see how that translates to actual game play, but it sounds promising. The cancellation of the MBT-70 had led the US to begin the development of its own design, the XM1. Prototypes arrived in 1976 with production slated for the late 1970s, and using the UK's new Chobham armor, it was emerging as a potent design. When carefully examined by the British Army, a number of issues became apparent. Notable was the 105 mm gun, which did not have the power to defeat the. For starters, the autoloader allowed the crew to be reduced to three men. The driver would be normally sitting in the hull part, but in MBT-70, he was moved to the turret with his station position independent on turret traverse. Of course, this had its downsides as well - while the driver could see better from the turret than from the usual frontal hull position, the constant traversing and.

War Thunder First 10 - MBT-70 - Duration: 42 42:38. Premium M4A1 (FL10) - Thank God For the Autoloader! - War Thunder Gameplay - Duration: 12:36. Jim Chamberlin 1,052 views. 12:36 . War. IIRC mbt-70 has laser rangefinder, spaced armor(that can block the L7 105mm apds at standard combat range), 1500hp engine, and crazy 150mm gun with autoloader, apfsds. The MBT-70 was designed with a low silhouette, something which had not been addressed on the M60 whose high silhouette was considered a serious drawback. In fact the MBT-70 ended up so low, just over 6 feet (1.8 m) from the floor to the top of the turret, that there was no room for the driver in the main hull. Instead he was placed with the rest of the crew in the seemingly oversized turret.

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  1. The MBT-70A1 is functionally identical to the MBT-70. Its difference lies in its production. The MBT-70 features sharp angular welded armor, while the MBT-70A1 uses a turret that is printed. The turret is distinctive and easy to identify. It is considerably more expensive to manufacture because of the required infrastructure, but the turret has a lower radar cross section and is better suited.
  2. Autoloader magazine of the MBT-70 tank (Patton museum): Amazon.ca: Home & Kitchen. Skip to main content.ca Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Try. Prime Cart. Home & Kitchen Go Search Hello Select your address.
  3. (same applies for Type 74, it only has a loader assisted mechanism, not a true autoloader) The BMP-1 has an autoloader: just not a very good one. It is fed from a forty round mechanized conveyor double-row magazine located around the turret ring of the BMP. The gun is reloaded by the M3 electromechanical autoloader with ammunition conveyor, but can be reloaded by hand if necessary. The.

Commander Models has now released a completely resin (e.g. no etched brass or other materials) kit of the MBT 70 full up prototype tank. This comes with the early test bore evacuator, fire control system, and pre-production layout used on the later prototypes. As noted it is still a craftsman kit in which the modeler must provide some items on his own, such as brass wire or plastic rod for. The armament was impressive: The KPz 70 came with a 152mm canon that could fire the MGM-51 Shillelagh AT missile. The canon was mated to an autoloader, enabling it to have a relatively high sustained rate of fire for the size of its projectiles. The secondary armament wasn't a puny machine gun but a 20mm autocannon ! It also had a laser range finder which was very high tech for the time

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Fourteen MBT-70/Kpz.70 prototypes and test-beds were built, of which some survive today. Indeed, the prototype held at the Panzermuseum in Munster, Germany, formed the basis of Dragon's new kit. The designers took accurate measurements from all over the real tank, and the engineers converted these into accurate three-dimensional plastic components. As is to be expected from such an. With the time playing, i just finished my 100st round with the kpz70 and noticed lots of issues, wich ill adress here and why toptier except for all the 10.0 vehicles sucks. 1. The kpz 70 never gets bottom tier! in my whole experience i once was in a 9.3 and lower match wich, obviously shouldnt be like that. you can call the xyz70 basically a 10.0 tank that was just leftover from 2 years ago. As has been mentioned, NATO has no word on how a country designs its tanks; they are free to design 1 man tanks if they desire. The US built an amazing auto-loader in the M1 tank test bed. It could even unload the main gun to load a different type.. Wait, the MBT-70 has an autoloader? And just curious, what crew skills/retrofits do you use? Continue this thread level 1. 2 points · 4 years ago. About side armor, MBT70 is way more stronger than AV. AV has a very weak side turret armor, but MBT70's side armor is amazingly strong, can even block auto cannon from Terminator. level 2. BADGR 1 point · 4 years ago. The difference in side armor. MBT-70 UK;---FR: AMX13/90 (Revolver, 6 Shots Automatic) AMX13 HARPON (Same as above) LECLERC W-Germany: KPz 70 Keiler Canada:---Denmark:---Sweden: STRV 103B STRV103C Norway:---ANZAC:---Japan: KYU-MARU-SHIKI NANA-YON-SHIKI A NANA-YON-SHIKI C NANA-YON-SHIKI E NANA-YON-SHIKI G SK:---Should be every Tank with an autoloader. Dernière édition par Desty le Dim 27 Juil 2014 09:16, édité 1 fois.

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Jun 11, 2020 - Explore John Leaning's board Tank Prototypes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tank, Armored vehicles, Military vehicles MBT-70 was going to be the best tank that anyone had ever made. Ever. It was going to have all the bells, a double serving of whistles, and bully the hell out of any Soviet tank in every respect. At least, that was the idea. The MBT-70 proved to be a very problematic beast and got stuck in development hell for the better part of a decade, and by the time it was cancelled there was very little. Features from several designs were incorporated, including the controllable suspension of the US-German MBT-70 project, the hull of the Leopard 1, and a similar 105mm gun. The design included a rotating cupola for the commander, and a new autoloader for the main gun. Prior to the 1965 decision to design an entirely new tank, some technologies.

Die MBT-70 (deutsch: KPz 70) war ein deutsch-US 1960 Gemeinschaftsprojekt, um eine neue Kampfpanzer, der mit einer Reihe von erweiterten Funktionen ausgestattet werden, war zu entwickeln. Es verwendet einen neu entwickelten hydro kniend Federung und beherbergt die gesamte Besatzung im großen Turm. Die MBT-70 ABC-System wurde mit einem 152 bewaffnet; mm XM-150 Pistole / Trägerrakete, die. Leclerc tank autoloader

hydro-pneumatic suspension and autoloader, fairly fast, decent armor. Back to top; Joco3000-x #2 Posted Today, 09:08 PM. Major. Beta Tester; 28657 battles; 29,860; Member since: 08-22-2013; The problem I've had with the MBT-70 is I am not overly sure if the tank is too modern or not. The German version, using a 120mm Smoothbore, is far beyond that threshold, but the US 152mm version? Not as. Autoloaders were developed at the beginning of World War II. The US 3/70 Mark 37 actually spent more time in design (13 years) than in service (12 years) due to severe unreliability. These problems are largely of the past and the field has advanced a great deal. Ground vehicles . The American Mobile Gun System autoloader holds up to 18 rounds. Rate of fire. A modern autoloader for a 120. Kpf Pz. 70- On sale for 15 USD - posted in General Discussion: Title Also available for 20 bucks with the legendary Calvary camo, 9 equipment slots, and the Night Hunter legendary avatar. My thoughts are that this kinda devalues the tank, like by a lot. How can you justify selling it for MORE later? I honestly think they should have sold it for 25 bucks and 30 bucks for all of the extra stuff Das MBT-70in der Garage. Das 152-mm-Gewehr-Launcher Kampfpanzer 70 (Abgekürzt als MBT-70 ) Ist ein Rang VI amerikanischer Mitteltank mit einer Schlacht Bewertung von 9,3 (AB/RB/SB). Es wurde eingeführt, in Aktualisieren 1,71 New E.R.A

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It has a 152-mm gun with autoloader, firing the shillelagh laser guided missile, high explosive, or white phosphorus rounds. Very Nasty! Using caseless ammo, it is not known if the mbt 70 has blast off doors like the m-1. It has a coax 7.62 machinegun and a 20mm AA remote control gun in a separate part of the turret. It would pop up out of twin hatches and fire at the target. If it jammed I. The MBT-70 weight concerns soon crept from the original 46 tons to the finalized 54 tons. She was eventually reduced to a little over 50 tons but this still precluded its use with current armored recovery vehicles of both armies as well as crossing over the standard issue portable bridges. In the beginning, the project planners optimistically felt the entire project would run at $80 million US.

MBT-70 gunner; MBT-70 Snorkel; MBT-70 autoloader; MBT-70 turret; MBT-70 magazine; MBT-70 driver capsule; MBT-70 FCS components; 210,205,896 stock photos, vectors and videos. Buying from Alamy. Licenses and pricing; Browse by category; Fresh picks; Footage gallery; Live news feed; Customer help; Apply for credit account ; Selling with Alamy. Become a contributor; Contributor homepage; Stockimo. KPz-70 has a different engine (1500 HP vs 1475 of MBT-70), different 20 mm autocannon name and different autoloaders (Rheinmetall AL, which is superior, vs MBT's General Motors AL, which has slower reload rate). Reply. May 30, 2020. Derpcerp. He's a fat boi. Reply. May 28, 2020. sandu61 Hobbyist Digital Artist. Not fat, but chubby . Reply. May 28, 2020. CapscesDigitalInk Professional General.

The MBT 70 and XM 803, the former is the forerunner of the leopard 1 and the M1 Abrams, the latter was supposed to be cheaper more cost effective which again overran it's budget. The MBT 70 was ahead of its time, but there was too many advanced technology on one platform ultimately the tank was what I call a data printer, (a test platform built entirely for data for the eventual vehicle) it. The MBT-70 was a tank design during 1960s by a joint US-German effort. It had many features that would have been amazing if it had been constructed, but had a host of problems. Basically, what prototype pieces of equipment, ranging from assault rifles to ships, that were cancelled do you think.. MBTs mit einem Autoloader benötigt ein weniger Besatzungsmitglied und der Autoloader benötigt weniger Platz als die weiblichen Körper, für eine Verringerung der Revolvergröße ermöglicht. Ferner kann ein Autoloader Runden zu handhaben werden entworfen , die zu schwierig wäre , für einen Menschen laden zu. Dadurch verringert sich die Silhouette , die die MBT das Zielprofil verbessert. Nachdem sie vom MBT Technologieträger erfuhr, wird nun wahrscheinlich bis Ende des Jahres ausgelotet, was davon übernommen werden soll. Geplant ist, 113 Leopard 2 A4 zu modernisieren. Geplant.

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For other articles with similar titles see Type 90 (disambiguation).. The Type 90 tank (90式戦車, Kyū-maru-shiki-sensha) is a main battle tank (MBT) of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF). It was designed and built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a replacement for all deployed Type 61 and Type 74 tanks, and entered service in 1990. It is to be superseded by the Type 10 tank The TK-X (MBT-X) project aimed to (CVT) that allows the tank to reach 70 km/h forward as well as reverse. Autoloader with crew of three (Commander and gunner in the turret, driver in the hull). Hydropneumatic active suspension, which allows it to adjust its stance and absorbs recoil when firing. Day/night sights mounted around the turret, providing a full 360° coverage as well as. Our Red Stalinium 130mm Autoloader - War Thunder Bias Montage - Duration: 12:51. Ruskii9000 363,438 views. 12:51 . Still The BEST TANK | MINI ABRAMS MBT-70 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay) - Duration. Do not forget that despite the fact that the KPZ / MBT-70 was abandoned because of its high cost because of the advanced technologies of the time, it was developed before the Abrams The Type 99 MBT (Chinese: 99 The rate of fire is 8 rounds per minute using the autoloader, and 2 rounds per minute with manual loading. The Type 99A mounts an improved 125 mm gun. The 125 mm gun of the Type 99 is capable of firing APFSDS-T, HEAT, Frag-HE-T, and gun-launched anti-tank missiles (ATGM). The gun may fire a range of Chinese, Russian, and ex-Warsaw Pact ammunition. The Type 99.

Probably a rip of the MTU diesel the Nazis wanted to put on their MBT-70. Armament: Main armament consists of a 152mm gun-launcher designed to fire the RBS 64 ATGW and certain more conventional rounds including HEAT-MP, flechette, WP, HE, and APFSDS. Carries 26 ready rounds/missiles in the bustle autoloader that can be reloaded through a hatch on the turret or from inside the vehicle, and. This feature was incorporated from the canceled German-US MBT-70 design. The driver can adjust the suspension to suit the type of terrain. It can be fitted with a deep wading kit for crossing of shallow water obstacles up to 2 m deep. Some tanks were fitted with a front-mounted dozer blade. Mine rollers can be attached at the front. This version with mine clearing rollers is referred as the. 70 km/h: Range ~ 500 km: Maneuverability: Gradient: 60%: Side slope: 30%: Vertical step ~ 1 m: Trench ~ 2.7 m: Fording ~ 1 m The Type 10 Main Battle Tank (MBT) is the latest Japanese development. At the prototype stage it was known as TK-X. This new lightweight MBT is smaller and weights significantly less than other modern battle tanks. It is significantly lighter than the current Japanese.

The MBT-70 offered a low profile with a powerful main gun (152mm coupled to an XM-150 autoloader for the American model and an auto-loading 120mm Rheinmetall gun for the German model). The turret was sloped on all sides and set in the middle of the design and housed the entire crew (the remarkably low silhouette - at just over 6 feet tall - necessitated that the driver be placed in the turret. Autoloader in tanks. 29 messages Précédent; 1; 2; 3; Suivant; Random Captain Messages : 1509 Inscription : Jeu 31 Jan 2013 17:05. Re: Autoloader in tanks. Message par Random » Jeu 24 Juil 2014 19:52 . Kyu maru shiki also has one. Haut. Phlogis Corporal Messages : 25 Inscription : Jeu 17 Oct 2013 06:08. Re: Autoloader in tanks . Message par Phlogis » Jeu 24 Juil 2014 19:53 . This list is.

自動裝彈機(Autoloader 自動裝彈機本身可以儲存一定數量的砲彈,待打完後再以人力裝填。 SORA 122mm自動裝彈機. MBT-70戰車的自動裝彈設計 . 之所以强调较大口径,是因为中小口径的炮弹重量轻、体积小,不必费事专门去设计一款装弹机,直接套用轻武器的弹夹条或弹链供弹原理即可。一般不把这. Problems occurred with the centerline cupola, XM-150 gun/launcher autoloader, 20 mm AA gun, turbine engine, and overall weight (near 60 short tons at the end of the development). The XM803 in trials, 1970. This was the ancestor of the XM815, then XM-1 standardized as the M1_Abrams. Credits:wikipedia. Genesis of the Abrams. Soon, the original MBT 70 program estimated $80 million (292.8 million. Jul 22, 2019 - Explore Salvy's board Kampfpanzer 70 MBT on Pinterest. See more ideas about Military vehicles, Battle tank, Sci fi tank MBT-70 was an American and West German project to develop a new Main Battle Tank as a follow on to the Leopard 1 and M-60. It had a number of advanced, even revolutionary features. The 3 man crew..

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tanks from the 60's,70's,80's and 90's - posted in General Discussion: hey so ive noticed that generally the tanks at tier 10 were all in production and use around the late 50s. and i personally think theres many more tanks of the world we could all be enjoying in world of tanks. such as the XM1 abrams tank, M551 Sheridan, M60A3, MBT-70, T-72, M48a3, T-55, T-69. and the list goes on so im. Sep 15, 2019 - Explore Lawrence Hsu's board MBTs & AFVs on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tanks military, Military vehicles, Armored vehicles File:MBT-70 1.JPG na hr; File:MBT-70 prototype automotive test.JPG na ru; File:MBT-70 driver capsule.JPG na ru; File:MBT-70 autoloader.jpg na ru; File:Shillelagh rocket firing schema.JPG na ru; File:Shillelagh rocket.JPG na ru; File:MBT-70 secondary cannon schema.JPG na ru; File:MBT-70 Snorkel.JPG na ru; File:MBT-70 gunner.JPG na ru; File:MBT.

Der T-14 (interne Bezeichnung T-99, Entwicklungsindex Objekt 148) ist der modernste russische Kampfpanzer.Er wurde seit 2010 entwickelt und soll im russischen Heer den T-90 ablösen. Der Öffentlichkeit wurde er bei der Parade zum 70. Jahrestag des Sieges der Roten Armee über das Deutsche Reich am 9. Mai 2015 in Moskau vorgestellt. Aus Kostengründen wurde vorerst nur der Bau weniger. Modern examples of this design is Russian MBT T-14 Armata and Polish light tank PL-01. Size. Autoloaders are often implemented in an attempt to save on tank size. The T-64 is an example of this. The current generation of tanks using autoloaders (Russian T-90 and T-14, Japanese Type 90 and Type 10, Chinese Type 98, Korea K2 Black Panther, French Leclerc, Chinese/Pakistan Al-Khalid MBT) all.

Das Tank, Kampf, Vollketten, 152-mm-Gewehr / Launcher XM-803ist ein amerikanischer Mitteltank mit einer Bewertung von Schlacht 9.0 (AB/RB/SB) Rank VI.Es wurde eingeführt, inAktualisieren 1,79 Project X.Aktualisieren 1,79 Project X Namely, the MBT-70 uses a 1,470 horsepower air-cooled Continental V-12 diesel engine, whilst the German KPz-70 uses a 1,500 horsepower Daimler Benz power plant. Both versions, regardless of the engine they used, managed to achieve a top speed of 64 km/h on roads, even in reverse, making the MBT/KPz-70 faster than both the Leopard 1 and M60. The specifications for the tank's development. Pics close-up dari Armata MBT Rusia. Photo source: http://snafu-solomon.blogspot.com/2015/04/close-up-pics-of-armata-main-battle-tank.html?m=1 ----- Sayang turretnya. Autoloader in tanks. 29 messages Précédent; 1; 2; 3; Killertomato More than 10 000 messages. Soldier you are the leader of all armies! Messages : 13730 Inscription : Lun 9 Juil 2012 00:46. Re: Autoloader in tanks. Message par Killertomato » Jeu 24 Juil 2014 21:34 . MBT-70 confirmed for wrecker of faces close in. I almost feel bad using it. orcbuster a écrit :USSR gets prototype marsupials. Proud ace tanker of the Object 263, Lorraine 40t, T49, Mbt-70, Sturer Emil, ISU-130, Progetto M35 Mod. 46, CHURCHILL GAME GOD CARRIER. Back to top Apeman1970 #11 Posted 27 August 2019 - 12:37 P

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I don't know about room for 10 extra rounds, but a fetal driver position (other than requiring Gallan armor platoon's TOE to include a chiropractor w In game yes, technically we really have the MBT-70, as the German approach was going to use a 120mm autoloader. Mind you the XM-150 152mm cannon on the US version was going to be an autoloader, that could also use the Shillelagh ATGM. The Shillelagh was manually loaded like the Sheridan If the MBT-70 had been continued, it is certain that it would have received this upgrade instead, likely prior to or early on in its initial produktserio. ^ Chobham armour in general eksfamulo described by some sources as effectively being a form of non-explosive reactive armour (Nera). ^ Vidu ankaŭ: Valsita homogena kiraso, Alt-forta malalt-aloja ŝtalo, kaj rustorezista ŝtalo ^ While the.

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The T-64BM Bulat weighs 45 tonnes (44 long tons), and with its 850 hp (630 kW) 5TDFM multi-fuel diesel engine can do 70 km/h (43 mph), and has a range of 385 km (239 mi). It retains the 125 mm smoothbore gun with an autoloader for 28 rounds, some of which can be guided missiles. It has a 12.7 mm AA machinegun, and a 7.62 mm coaxial machinegun Nem az autoloader hibája a kis hossz az orosz tankoknál hanem a kis küzdőtéré amibe csak kis autoloader fér.Egy Abramsba kis túlzással bármekkora autoloader elférne. Kattints ide a kinyitáshoz... Az újfajta autoloadereket már a torony hátsó részébe is integrálni lehet, ott már nem kell osztott lőszer. Persze jók voltak az orosz autoloaderek is 15 évig, és még a T-14. The T-80 is a third-generation main battle tank (MBT) designed and manufactured in the Soviet Union. A development of the T-64, it entered service in 1976 and was the first production tank to be equipped with a gas turbine engine for main propulsion. The T-80U was last produced in a factory in Omsk, Russia, while the T-80UD and further-developed T-84 continue to be produced in Ukraine. The T.

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The MBT-70/xm-803 featured an autoloader for its 152mm gun/missile launcher. Meggitt designed a 36 rounds capacity autoloader called FASTDRAW for M1. Meggitt Company Compact Autoloader for M1 Abrams series holds 34 rounds (for comparision the AZ autoloader in T-72/T-90 series as well as Al Khalid and Chinese tanks hold 22 rounds, MZ autoloader in T-64, T-80 and T-84 holds 28 rounds and. The FV4601 MBT-80 was a British experimental third-generation main battle tank, designed in the late 1970s to replace the Chieftain tank. It was eventually (and later controversially) cancelled in favour of the Challenger 1, itself an evolution of the Chieftain design. MBT-80 - WikiMili, The Free E Challenger 1 - List of main battle tanks by generation - MBT-70 - Chobham armour - List of FV series military vehicles - Main battle tank - NATO - Warsaw Pact - United States Army - M60 Patton - T-54/T-55 - T-62 - T-64 - T-72 - Leopard 1 - United States - West Germany - British Army - Royal Ordnance L11A5 - M48 Patton - Fred Mulley - Secretary of State for Defence - History of the M1 Abrams.

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Am 19. März wird der Server ab 8:00 Uhr (MEZ) für 6 Stunden nicht verfügbar sein, um Update 0.28 einzuführen. Der Inhalt dieses Updates wird in einem separaten Artikel thematisiert The MBT-70: The MBT-70 was a collaborative American-German development program that aimed to develop a common main battle tank for the two nations. It featured a ton of radical design ideas, some of which stuck, others of which were thrown out. Notably, all three crew members were placed in the rotating turret, a setup that could cause disorientation for the driver, which is normally placed in. The autoloader won't make any difference if the tank suffers a crit, and nobody is going to gamble with a 180 point tank.. On the other hand, if the Chieftain or T-62 had decent ROF they would make good roadblocks, and you can afford to lose one or two of them to planes or whatever

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