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The ViparSpectra grow lights are considerably heavier as compared to their competitors in the market, e.g. PAR450 model is 13.4 Pounds. However, the material strength complements the long lifespan of a ViparSpectra grow light since these lights remain useable for a period of approximately 100,000 operational hours Viparspectra recommends that this grow light is ideal for 2.5' X 2.5' of growing space from the height of 32 during vegetation and during bloom it can cover around 1.5' X 1.5' of grow area from the height of 20. I aim to get you the most out of the Viparspectra Dimmable Series PAR450 450W LED Grow light without any light waste Viparspectra 600w LED grow lights can accommodate large growing areas. The Viparspectra 600W can be ideal for a 3'x3' growing area, at 18″ to 24″ height. At this height, you will get the proper PAR output depending on the stage of growth your indoor hydroponic garden is at Viparspectra Lighting PAR700 LED Grow Light Review Buy PAR700: https://bit.ly/2NxxAim Buy PAR700 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WBGX1n Shop all Viparspectra lig.. The Viparspectra 450W LED is equipped with 4.72″ fans and aluminum heat sinks that dissipate heat. It measures 2.4″ by 8.4″ by 15.8″ and weighs 6.4 pounds. The grow light can accommodate all phases of plant growth. The package doesn't include protective eyewear, so you need to buy one

Viparspectra Dimmable Series PAR450 450W LED Grow Light pleases you deeply with its the PAR output. From 24 inches height, 600 lumens is the PAR value, and from 18 inches, it increases to 840 lumens. We have provided you with a convenient diagram, which shows you the PAR value of this grow lights from various heights. You can have a look These days, the LED grow light industry has matured from both a product and marketing perspective. One popular player in the industry is Viparspectra, a Chinese company whose lights are popular for beginner growers. In this article, I'm going to take a look at their product line and give my Viparspectra review from top to bottom. We'll look at This VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 900w LED Grow Light Review is just a channelized description of our detailed discussion. I can sense your curiosity for more. But, right now, I will take you to the premiere of VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 900w LED Grow Light VIPARSPECTRA is a good starting point for novice growers as well as the experts. The VIPARSPECTRA 2020 New Pro Series P2500 LED Grow Light comes with amazing features that embrace the newest trends in the market. Some of the features that include the latest SMD LEDs and dimmable options, make gardening both fun and easy

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V300 Cooling Ability Management of heat within the grow space is the biggest challenge for indoor gardened. This lighting system equipped upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and high-speed quiet fans for heat dissipation inside grow tent. So these lights run almost 70% cooler than comparable HIDs A 300-watts ViparSpectra LED panel uses a surprising average of only 136w, which is almost half as much as you would expect in many other traditional types of lighting. Additionally, you do not need any ballast for the light as a timer can be used to control it. Viparspectra LED Grow Lights Revie The Viparspectra 300W LED grow light is quite a small unit, but is well equipped with 60 high intensity 5W LEDs that are suitable for all stages of plant growth. It will suit someone looking for a general purpose grow light, and is less suited to an advanced grower with very particular needs In this Viparspectra 600W review, we'll explain you all the technical specs, and it's ability to perform in a detailed way. So, stay tuned! Viparspectra products are coming from reliable and trustworthy Chinese manufacturers. Yeah, it's because the company that manufactures this LED grow lights is admitting that they're not official scientists, but they're growing for a long time. In. The Viparspectra 450W is an Affordable Grow Light The price point on the Viparspectra 350watt reflector series wins at the end of the day. This LED grow light is also backed by a 3-year warranty that is a no-brainer. Viparspectra has long been a brand for pros and hobbyists alike

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Grow Light, VIPARSPECTRA 2020 Pro Series P2000 LED Grow Light 4x4ft Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights with Upgraded SMD LEDs(Includes IR), Dimmable Plant Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants Seeding Veg and Bloom at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users VIPARSPECTRA 600W Grow Light Review: The Final Verdict. Summing it all up, I've had fun with this grow light. It definitely brings value for the money and provides some more-than-decent features a grower would appreciate VIPARSPECTRA 600W Reflector-Series LED Grow Light PAR Testing & Review + PAR Map | Amazon Best Seller Amazon Canada 1/8 Heavy Duty Adjustable Hanger https:/.. Growing indoor marijuana isn't rocket science anymore. If you are reading this post, we assume you would be searching for a reliable LED grow light that helps you to grow a high yield of marijuana with a good grain quality.. In this detailed post, we would be covering one of the most anticipated LED Grow Light brands and would be doing a detailed Viparspectra 600W Review Viparspectra 300w Led Grow Light Review: Beginners Best Solution. VIPARSPECTRA 300W LED Grow Light is engineered for beginners. But it's not that cheap or nor useless. It's affordable but the parts used in the light-panel is good in quality. That is why you can be assured of its durability. It does not consume that much power like other grow lights. So, for the long run, you don't need.

Viparspectra 600w LED Grow Light Review. Viparspectra is a well known Chinese grow light manufacturer based out of Guangdong and have been producing great value lights for many years now. They state on their website that they want to create well designed, well made fixtures at reasonable prices with no unnecessary extras And that's exactly what they do! Features. In this section I'll. Yes! The VIPARSPECTRA has created a strong name for their brand and the popularity amidst their product is awesome. This popularity has attracted a lot of people to ask for a VIPARSPECTRA 450W REVIEW and today they shall have it. We will be talking more on the features, specs, description, and what could have been better for the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light

ViparSpectra XS 1500 Review . The ViparSpectra XS 1500 is an excellent 2' x 2' grow light. It is well-built, easy to use, generates an excellent distribution of light and has elite efficiency. The XS series feature Samsung LM301b diodes and a Mean Well driver. The price is almost unbelievable The previous Viparspectra grow lights were a bit weak for growing cannabis unless you bought the more expensive models. The Viparspectra Pro Series feature stronger light than the previous models, which makes these a much more attractive option for cannabis growers looking for a familiar brand to grow with. Table of Contents (Jump to Section) show. Let's take a look at the specs on the new. The LED grows light consumes only 524 watts and is covered by a 3-year local warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can use a timer to save more on your utility bills. Read this Viparspectra 1200w LED review and learn more about this device. ViparSpectra 1200w Pros High-Intensity Full Spectrum Light . Viparspectra uses 240 5W LEDs so that it can provide a good intensity of light. If you have a small grow tent or area, let's say of 2.5×2.5 or 3×3, then this grow light would be an amazing pick. Let's say you have a big grow tent but there are some corners or areas where the light won't reach. Then you could get the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 450w and use it for those small areas without problems Welcome to our complete VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Review. Here you will find all the information you need to help you decide if this is the best grow light for your individual needs. Viparspectra is a comparatively new brand in the LED market place. I'm always eager to test out new companies because to break into a competitive industry you have to have a superb product. The.

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VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Review. The ViparSpectra LED grow light is a top choice for your indoor marijuana lighting needs. When you make the choice to grow indoors, it is crucial to find the best light for your needs The secret to the Viparspectra Led success is the optimal full spectrum of natural lights. We deliver the lights all over Europe. You don't pay any customs duties or import taxes Viparspectra 300W Led Grow Light Review. July 27, 2019 July 27, 2019 by GrowWeed. Indoor growing is a trend that is gaining a lot of traction in many parts of the world. People who practice gardening as a hobby can now do it from inside their houses and still expect a bountiful harvest. If you are just hearing about this, you might be wondering how it is possible, considering that there is no. Grow Light Lifespan. The longevity of Viparspectra's Grow light is dependent on your usage. If you do not use it too often and are very careful in handling it, you can expect the equipment to last longer. The company says that its grow lights have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. Not everyone agrees, however, since some people claim the grow. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Review - A Spectrum of Light. 21620. post-template-default,single,single-post,postid-21620,single-format-standard,ajax_fade,page_not_loadedselect-child-theme-ver-1..0,select-theme-ver-3.4,vertical_menu_enabled,wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-4.12.1,vc_responsive. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. In Uncategorized. VIPARSPECTRA. An indoor growing.

The Viparspectra review features a long lifespan, ideal illumination and all of that packaged in a small and compact housing. I have been using it 2 months and the result was phenomenal. Basically, it is like having a great LED grow light at a low cost. I actually was skeptical about this LED when I purchased it the first time. It didn't look. ViparSpectra 600w im Test. Lese hier alle Infos für deinen Grow mit der 600 Watt LED von ViparSpectra. PAR-Werte, Erfahrungen zur Fläche und Preisvergleich Viparspectra 600W LED Review - a grow light specifically designed for the various stages of cannabis growth. Everything you need to know. Home; About; Contact; Growing Accessories. Viparspectra 600W LED Review. Growing Made Simple September 19, 2020 0. Acting as one of the cornerstones of any home cannabis grow room, the right lighting equipment can make or break the yield, potency, and health.

Viparspectra LED Review - Dimmable Series PAR700 700W (Full Spectrum) - Grow Light Review Overview. VIPARSPECTRA PAR700 Dimmable LED Grow Light is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen output and coverage. The secondary optical lens also magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetration by up to 200%. Individually adjustable Red, White and Blue dimmers allow precise 3. ViparSpectra 450w Testbericht & Review Lange Zeit wollte ich diesen Test der ViparSpectra 450w durchführen. Doch da die Lampen schnell beliebt wurden und ofmals ausverkauft waren, wurden andere Projekte bevorzugt. Nachdem es nun eine neue Version der Viparspectra 450w gibt, war es endlich soweit. PAR-Spektrum-Test, PPFD-Intensitätsdiagramm, Leistungsaufnahme, Verarbeitungsqualität Wir haben.

ViparSpectra PAR1200 dimmable LED grow light is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen output and coverage. The secret to the ViparSpectra LED success is the optimal full spectrum which provides plants veg and flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight ViparSpectra 600W LED. Ersteller des Themas DerBauer2.0; Erstellungsdatum 18.08.2016; Schlagworte der spargel ist wieder da es werde pink fiat lux full spectrum schwurbel hello kitty isch chef du nix lass doch mal den matthias machen led für anfänger led olé lumen laden meine led macht keinen schee pink für doofe pinke spargelcremesuppe rosa für noobs rosa kleid weckt keinen neid.

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  1. Viparspectra Reflector Series 900W LED grow light review : Basic info about the product. Viparspectra is known for providing you with decent quality grow lights, while the price tag is always pocket-friendly.The same thing is with this 900W model. The makers have designed this grow light scientifically, to fulfill all needs of plants and fully satisfy the grower
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  3. VA1000 by VIPARSPECTRA cannabis lamp grow journals. Detailed home grow reports of medical marijuana lighting. How It Works Lights VIPARSPECTRA VA1000. VIPARSPECTRA. VA1000. 0.0 / 5. 0 Harvest. Follow. Unfollow. 1. Info. Diaries . 11. Growers . 7. Filters . All 7 Growing 7 Harvested 0 Autoflowering 2 Photoperiod 2 Indoor 7 Outdoor 0 Soil 5 Hydroponics 0 Soilless 2 FL 1 HID 0 LED 7 Champions.

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Viparspectra PAR600 600W is next generation grow light ideal for indoor usage. If you have an area of 3 x 3' cannabis and want a grow light that can help you in easy growing of fruits and vegetables then PAR600 is your one stop drop. From all the other models launched by Viparspectra, this one is better and distinctive in many ways. It has got some upgrades such as 3 switches for better. But it can still grow very nicely indoors provide a well-lit environment to your marijuana to grow indoors. Check out our in-depth review one of the most affordable grow lights on the market, the Viparspectra is a fan favorite when it comes to inexpensive grow lights. Viparspectra is a trusted label in the grow light industry and is known for making high quality LED grow lights at an. Viparspectra led grow light and grow ten for sale in Europe. !Buy Now and SAVE! Best deals in Free discrete shipping and no sales tax!Led grow diods epistar, cree, bridgelux

ViparSpectra 900w LED Grow Light Review. By. Andy. 0. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Indoor growing is quickly becoming a popular way to know exactly how your food and herb is produced, saving money on your bills, and enjoying a variety of produce that may not be available at your local grocery store. One of the biggest challenges with indoor growing is providing the appropriate light at. VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light Review. By Matt Jackson. Published 4:27 am. There are so many grow lights available for you to use which is why finding the perfect one can be a daunting task. While it might seem that all grow lights are similar, that isn't always the case. This article will highlight the VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light model. This grow light is perfect to use for indoor growing spaces and. Viparspectra P-1500 Review . The ViparSpectra P1500 is really a decent little light. I was prepared to not like it but, I found little not to like. It is a high efficiency fixture that is small and easy to use. I think it could be a great lamp for many home growers ViparSpectra Review: Affordable LED Grow Lights with Pizzaz! August 31, 2020 August 27, 2020 by Eric. Welcome to the first installment of our Grow Room Adventures series! We will be detailing every aspect of what makes a successful grow room. We're going to start this series off with a chapter on grow lights - perhaps the most important feature of a grow room - by looking at one of the. Literally every viparspectra grow I have seen has very low yields, very low quality, or both. Mostly both, but ive seen some decent bud grown under them before. For example, you can just google viparspectra grow and see what I mean. For instance, this grow journal using a 450w viparspectra yielded the guy a phat 65 grams. That's like 1/4-1/3.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Grow Light, VIPARSPECTRA 2020 Pro Series P1500 LED Grow Light with Upgraded SMD LEDs(Includes IR) and Dimmable Function Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Seeding Veg and Bloom at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users However, the Viparspectra grow light features a Reflector design that increases PAR output by 50%. The Mars Hydro only offers a 20% increase. In addition, the Viparspectra offers more features such as a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours, is fire resistant and is UL Certified for safety standards. If you are looking to save costs, then the Mars Hydro is a great option. However, if you prefer. 420KNOWHOW is bringing you a detailed look at modern LED grow lights available in 2020. The Viparspectra Reflector Series 450W review is a comprehensive analysis of one of the smaller LED light system, to see how it stacks up against the competition Viparspectra LED Grow Lights Review. Each Viparspectra series of grow lights varies significantly from the other. So, we must examine each series alone to to discover which model is the best for you. Below, we will examine the three most popular and recommended Viparspectra series: Reflector, Pro, and PAR. 1. Viparspectra Reflector Series . Source: LED Grow lights Depot. Viparspectra Reflector. Die LED Grow Lampe der Reflector Serie von ViparSpectra ist ein gutes Einstiegsmodell für alle die erste Erfahrungen im LED Grow sammeln wollen oder sich noch etwas unsicher sind. Der Kaufpreis der LED Grow Lampen (Reflector 300w, Reflector 450w, Reflector, 600w, Reflector 900w) fang bereits bei circa 90 Euro an. Das größte Modell bekommt man bereits für circa 260 Euro. Durch diese Preise.

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  1. VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light Review: Selectable Switch. You have more access to control the lights if you have VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Lights. Because it has a different spectrum mainly created for vegetation and flowering stage of any plants. This LED grow light has separate settings for bloom and vegetation remarked as VEG and BLOOM. Read Reviews. Most of the time grow light consists of.
  2. Viparspectra 300W V300 LED Grow Light Review. May 29, 2019 March 28, 2018 by Nathan @420proguide. Are you looking for a brand new LED grow light that can keep your indoor plants alive and healthy? In that case, then we have just what you need that you can purchase at an affordable price. After all, our VIPARSPECTRA 300W V300 LED grow light reviews will help you save more and get higher yields.
  3. Viparspectra 600 Watt LED grow light review . What's in the package? Once you buy Viparspectra reflector-series 600W, the box comes with all the necessary accessories to help you get started. The package includes; 1 V600 LED grow light; 1 Daisy Chain Chord; 1 Hanging Kit; 1 6ft Power cord; 1 User Instruction leaflet; VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light Why should I buy Viparspectra series 600W grow.
  4. g too much power. Summary. This unit is an affordable, basic and versatile unit for vegetables and flowering plants being grown indoors. It is no frills and.
  5. g becomes more and more prevalent, the grow light industry, too, is expanding exponentially. In the past, people only knew about three or four brands, but there are now several companies that grow light buyers.
  6. For our Mars Hydro vs Viparspectra comparison, we are mainly going to be focusing on the 240W, 480W, 720W, 960W from Mars and 300W, 450W, 600W, and 900W, from Viparspectra. Both of these brands grow lights that we will be focusing on are going to be belonging to the reflector series of the respective brands. Mars Hydro vs Viparspectra

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Viparspectra 300W V300 LED Grow Light Review. Are you looking for a brand new LED grow light that can keep your indoor Disclosure. VelaCommunity.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. It will help us to keep the site alive and pay. In this post, I compare the Mars Hydro, and Viparspectra brands with reference to the Viparspectra Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light, and Mars Hydro Reflector 720w LED Grow light. Whether you are using your LED grow lights in a small grow tent setup or a massive hydroponic garden, you'll gain the knowledge to chose the right grow light for your needs LED SKUNK#1 / Kleiner Grow Bericht/ Viparspectra 450. Ersteller des Themas juanpablo; Erstellungsdatum 03.11.2017; Anzeige: juanpablo Benutzer. 03.11.2017 #1 Hallo Leute Da ich schon in BT. 29 bin wird es ein kurzer Growbericht Sorte : Skunk #1, Sensi Seeds Equipment : HS 100 Zelt (100x100x200), Bio Bizz Erde ( Light Mix, All Mix), Bio Bizz Dünger, Rohrventi 160mm/AKF mit Sonodec, 2x. This article will review Viparspectra LEDs to conclude whether the products really are worth the hype or not. We will shed light on the features of the products, their quality standards, characteristics, and the warranty period. Contents. Quick Review: Company Profile: LEDs Used By Viparspectra: Warranty Period And Regulations Of Viparspectra Products: Policies For Buyers Residing Outside. The best LED grow lights allow you to grow your cannabis plant without needing specialized lighting upon approaching different plant grow stages. As a result, I will not review the following types of grow lights here: flourescent lights, High-Intensity Discharge Grow lights (HID grow lights), Ceramic Metal Halide Lights (MH Lights), and Compact Flourescent Lights. For further info.

Top 05 Best ViparSpectra LED Grow lights Review. June 28, 2017 by kabir. Growing crops indoors is becoming very common as it not only helps you save money on growing foods but also a range of plants at the same time. However, the biggest challenge to indoor growing or farming is getting the most appropriate and efficient lighting technologies. Most grow lights make it hard to support your. Viparspectra 450 update - YouTub . Meizhi vs Viparspectra - LED Grow Light Comparison & Review. February 16, 2019 September 8, 2018 by James A. Meizhi and Viparspectra are two well established grow light manufacturers who are known to produce some of the best budget friendly, value from money grow lights VIPARSPECTRA XS2000 LED grow light adopts the latest high-quality LEDs technology-Samsung LM301B diodes, high energy efficiency with 2.7 umol/J, generates more usable lighting per watt and provides better light canopy penetration. Consists of 3000K warm white, 5000K white, 660nm deep red, and 730nm IR light

In this Bestva vs. Viparspectra LED grow light review, you will get a different perspective into some of the best-LED lights on the market. We have identified a pair of top-notch lights and identified the key aspects of these lights you need to consider. LED vs Fluorescent Lights Which one you should consider ? Bestva LED Grow Light. Why did We like It? There are various positive aspects to. But before you throw in the towel, there is still hope with the ViparSpectra Reflector LED Grow Lights. This grow light features lots of advantages. It is safe and most importantly effective. The grow light is available in different sizes varying from 300 watts to 1200 watts but in this review, we focus our sights on the 300-watt model

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Viparspectra Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 LED Grow Light is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen output and coverage Welcome to the next generation of VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Style LED Grow Light, with full spectrum layout, reflector design and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks, is ideal... Code: 205. Viparspectra V900 set 2 pcs . OUT STOCK €579 Detail. Money saving packages contains 2 pcs Viparspectra V900 Reflectors with 6% discount. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V900 LED Grow Light is scientifically. Description VIPARSPECTRA 450W. Reflector V450 LED Grow Light is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR Output and Coverage. The secret to the VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED grow light success is the optimal full spectrum which provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight VIPARSPECTRA 300 Watt LED Grow Light Review and Coupon. August 30, 2017. 1161 Views. This LED grow light has proven itself to be an extremely popular item among cannabis growers. It is at the top of the list of the best-selling grow lights, so what makes it so special? Growers who are new to having their own cannabis plants love this product. It is an LED light that is best suited to use on. VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light, with Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower 4.5 out of 5 stars 66. £119.99 . Phlizon 600W LED Plant Grow Light,with Thermometer Humidity Monitor,with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum Double Switch Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (Actual Power 100watt) 4.3 out of 5 stars 3,064. £84.99.

Viparspectra Cannabis Light Source Grow Review. ViparSpectra is a very popular grow light that most of my readers seem to invest in. I completed a grow with a Viparspectra Reflector Series 450 Watt grow light that was very successful. The grow took place in a 3'X3' tent with the grow light hung 24 inches above my cannabis plants which were a mixture of White Widow and Grape God feminized. Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes my review of the viparspectra 900 watt LED grow light. And again it has those adjustable switches so you can switch it between the vegetation stage, as well as the bloom stage. Now I was really impressed with how this grow light grew the plants, And how much power it had. Now the light was a lot more powerful then I first anticipated as you guys saw. VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series PAR700 700W LED Grow Light - Review The VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series PAR700 gives you maximum growth light and doesn't have the heat issues, the bug problems, and the high electricity bills that are common with metal-halide lights. Unlike metal-halide lights, it doesn't release dangerous mercury into the environment. It is also low maintenance because you don't. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W; Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band; MarsHydro 300/600; Galaxyhydro 300w; Erligpowht 45W; 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light vs. LED Light; HPS Grow Lights - up to 600W; Tents. 4×4 grow tent - All you need to know! Best 3×3 Grow Tents; Grow Tent Heaters; Apollo 4×4 - Review; Best Thermo-Hygrometer; Phresh 701005 Carbon.

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  1. This is my Viparspectra LED Review *cough, cough*. Here are the Vipar LED lights we'll be reviewing: Viparspectra Grow Light Reflector-Series V300 300W; Viparspectra UL Certified Reflector-Series 450W; Viparspectra UL Certified Reflector-Series 600W; Viparspectra Timer Control Series TC600 600W; Viparspectra PAR600 600W 12-ban
  2. After my last grow ended early, thanks to a sneaky hermie, I decided to upgrade my lights. Before I put up the second light, I thought it might be fun to do a side-by-side comparison between my old lights and my new. To the right is my old ViparSpectra 600 and to the left is the new Mars Hydro TLS2000. The TSL2000s are insanely bright and I'm.
  3. LED Grow Lampen, wie VIPARSPECTRA Reflector 900W LED Grow Light LED Pflanzenlampe Full Spectrum wachsen für Zimmerpflanzen Gemüse und Blumen verfügen die LED-Chips über Fokuslinsen, womit keine Reflektoren installiert werden müssen. # Vorschau Produkt Preis; 1: Spider Farmer Neueste LED Pflanzenlampe LED Grow Lampe...* 189,99 EUR 184,99 EUR: Bei Amazon ansehen: 2: MARS HYDRO LED Grow.
  4. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light. Check Lowest Price on Amazon. KEY FEATURES. Actual Power Draw: 520±3% Watts; Full spectrum LED grow lights; Separate veg and bloom channel; UL Certified thus no chances of any technical hazards; Three years warranty and one month money back guarantee ; If you are thinking to get the best traditional panel led grow light for your commercial garden, you can.
  5. Viparspectra uses LED lights in the full spectrum (440nm - 730nm, 3000K, 7500K), so you can grow your plants until budding without switching lights. Viparspectra manufactures two series: dimmable and reflector lights. Underneath these two series are a number of grow lights, all with their own useful features that we'll talk about later. They have a three-year warranty and 30-day return no.
  6. ViparSpectra's Timer series is a truly unique series of LED grow lights that will allow you to take your grow operation to the next level. These lights have their own built-in digital timer, so.

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  1. It made my mistake not so bad. It put on fat and dense buds. I love that it's 3 way dimmable! Thank you Viparspectra! 3 weeks ago. 5. PAR450. OKushoma. CG Autos Feb20. Just spend the extra $200 and go with the Spider Farms SF-4000. Lights are decent to start with but even after a grow or two you will most likely want to move on up to a better light. Okay but not worth the money or the cost to.
  2. Viparspectra LED Reflector Series consist of a 300w, 450w, 600w and 900w LED grow lights. Find out which one suites you best in this review & comparison
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  4. The Viparspectra 600w Reflector Series has all the great features of its larger counterparts but is more cost efficient, like the Viparspectra 300w. The Viparspectra 600w Reflector Series can easily replace a 600w HID system, but it only uses about 296-watts of power consumption. This light covers about 3-square feet which is great for 3 or 4.
  5. g only 250W. Sunlike Full Spectrum & High Efficiency The spectrum consists of 660nm red light, and 3500K & 7500K of white light. The P2500 provides exceptional full-spectrum lighting, fully capable of all plant stages. SMD LEDs Technology & Dimmer Function VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series P2500 LED grow light has adopted the.

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SMD LEDs Technology & Dimmer Function - VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series P1500 LED grow light have adopted the NEWEST SMD LED Technology to increase efficiency and lifespan while improving light penetration. An added dimmer knob is featured to manipulate the brightness level of the entire light from 0-100%, allowing flexibility to obtain perfect growth performance. This light can replace a 400W HPS. VIPARSPECTRA 300 Vorbestellung, Lager in 17-22.07 2020. Alternativ können Sie zwischen Easy Grow und Mars Hydro wählen. Das VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V300 LED- Wachstumslicht wurde wissenschaftlich entwickelt, um das Gleichgewicht zwischen PAR / Lumen-Leistung und Abdeckung zu halten

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FEATURES Full Spectrum Grow Light Replaces a 600 watt HPS/MH Use for all stages of plant growth Vege/Bloom Switches 1 x User Instructions 1 x 1.8m Power Cord 1 x Hanging Kit Welcome to the VIPARSPECTRA V600 LED Grow Light, with optimal full spectrum layout, reflector design and excellent heat dissipation system, it i Today, we review 6 lights by giants in the LED grow light industry: VIPARSPECTRA and Mars Hydro. These lights range in wattage and are ideal for different growing needs. Follow our recommendations and you won't experience buyer's remorse. Pro Tip: if you want your plants to produce high yields, pair one of the lights we've recommended with an awesome grow tent. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector.

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The Platinum 600w LED grow light comes in at a much higher price, and the CF 600w LED grow light even more so. The Viparspectra 600w LED grow light, and the Philzon 600w LED grow lights are great alternatives to the King Plus 600W but when taking all of these aspects into consideration, we highly recommend the King Plus 600w Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Dimmable Reflector Series DS300 300W LED Grow Light 12-Band Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, Has Daisy Chain Function at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

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VIPARSPECTRA V450 450W Reflector LED Grow Light Review. The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series V450 450W LED Grow Light is the best LED grow light for the UK market. It's completely adjustable, super quiet, runs cool and compares to traditional 300 watt HPS/MH whilst consuming just 200 watts! This 12 band full spectrum light has every possible setting you need for growing and blooming, and is. The dimmable P2500 LED grow light is perfect for 4'x4' vegetative coverage at 24 and 2x4 or 3x3 flowering coverage at 16-18. Remember to properly adjust the height and brightness accordingly to your plant's desired level for optimal growth. Hassle-free 3 Year US warranty. Viparspectra is a professional manufacturer that has specialized in LED grow lights for many years. Product. Viparspectra 600W Led grow light. Great working order, used for 4 months. Warranty seal not removed, all LEDs are working properly. Collection in Paisley No offer Be the first to write a review. VIPARSPECTRA 300w LED GROW LIGHT. Item Information. Condition: New other (see details) Time left: d. h. m. s. day. hour. hours. Time left: 18 h 7 m 30 s. The listing has ended . Current bid: US $21.50. shipping [ 10 bids] Your max bid: Place bid. Resume bidding, if the page does not update immediately. Enter US $22.00 or more . Add to Watchlist Unwatch. Ships. KIND LED vs. Viparspectra LED Grow Lights . KIND LED. KIND is an American LED grow light company that targets the higher end of the market and is one of the best indoor LED grow lights in the grow light industry that helps you to grow plants in the shortest timeframe without increasing your electricity bill. This Privately Held company was founded in the year 2012 and based in Santa Rosa.

Have had it for a few months now looking forward to buying more products from VIPARSPECTRA a review of this light will be on my YouTube channel soon ONLYINTHE84 Read more. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. Bill P. 5.0 out of 5 stars Vipiarspectra 600w. Reviewed in Australia on 27 April 2020. Colour: 600W Grow Light Verified Purchase. This light is an update of my Viparspectra 300w that I bought. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V600 LED Grow Light is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output and Coverage. The secret to the VIPARSPECTRA LED success is the optimal full spectrum which provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight. Compares to traditional 600 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 276 watts! Perfect for a.

2018 New High Quality Viparspectra 600w Led Grow Light For
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